Wolverhampton Bladder Cancer Support Group


At a recent committee meeting it was agreed that meetings be postponed until 2021.

The  2021 Newsletter will contain details of meeting dates for next year, when agreed.

The meeting due to take place on March 30th has been cancelled due to the current pandemic. We will keep this site updated with any further information regarding future meetings.

The charity Action on Bladder Cancer is conducting a Twitter survey on Covid-19, in relation to bladder cancer patients, and if you wish to participate please follow this link.

The first meeting of 2020 took place in February, and we had interesting talks from Andrew Bagnall who told us all about Compton Care, and Satinda Rhandawa of MacMillan Nurses who explained the benefits available to cancer sufferers. Some faces new and some familiar attended and all rounded off with a hot cuppa from Margaret and Ron!

Here they all are.


We ended the year with our Christmas lunch, held once again at the Pavilion, Stafford Rd. There was a good turnout, and chatter levels were high, so it seemed everyone enjoyed the event and the company! The food was good, as ever, and we were entertained by Pete Boddis and friend, and we sang along . There were some excellent prizes in the free raffle, although I didn't win one! 

It was so good to see the group's members and their loved ones  having a good time and sharing some fun with their fellows. As usual, we have a few memories of the day.


The final talk of the year was given by our own Jenny Akins, who told us of the many tasks and responsibilities of a Specialist Nurse Practitioner.

A few eyes were opened as to the breadth of knowledge required for the role. She did remarkably well, considering the visual aids were not cooperative!

In September, the speaker was Lydia Makaroff from Fight Bladder Cancer and she gave us an interesting insight in to the running of a national cancer charity. She also paid tribute to Andrew Winterbottom, the founder of FBC, who had spoken to us a year or so ago, but sadly was no longer with us.. As agreed by the group we presented her with a cheque for £556.33 as a donation

The Summer dance was a great success again! Over 100 people turned up to enjoy good food, a good disco from Gary Starr, and familiar songs from Rosy Jane.

These evenings are an easy way to get patients , family and friends to enjoy life together, and we think the aim was achieved yet again. We must offer thanks to all who contributed to a successful event, too many to name here, but they know who they are! Also, thanks should go to the committee for their hard work in making things go smoothly. We have a few photos, whch may have been taken by somone who was very happy, if you know what we mean!

We have created an Archive page so that you can see some of the events that have taken place over the last couple of years, so have a look there!

We will keep this page for current year events only.

The group repeated the West Park Walk for Bladder Cancer on May 19th and it was again well attended.

We were pleased to see Mr Cooke and some of the medical staff from Urology. Here are the piccies!

As if that wasn't enough, the fitter members of the Urology Department at New Cross ran in the Birmingham 10k Run the following Sunday. This was to raise funds for the Urology Association.

They all completed the course, in fine fettle , and raised over £1200 for the cause. Well done!!

Here are the before and after photos- notice any differences???

On 30th May, Coloplast hosted an open day at the Mercure hotel, Shrewsbury. This may well be of interest to stoma users, and here is a link to the details.  Coloplast Conference.