We have booked the Pavilion for our Christmas Lunch on December 13th. from 12.30 to 4.30 pm.

Entertainment will be provided!!

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Bring your choices and your money to the meeting on September 4th!!

Firstly , please note that future meetings will be held at The Ashmore Hub, 82 Griffiths Drive, Wolverhampton, WV11 2LH. Following on from a discussion at the group meeting on June 5th, it was agreed that the new venue, where a previous meeting had been held, was more welcoming and the facilities rather better. We look forward to seeing you there at a future meeting.

Mr Cooke gave an interesting talk at our meeting on September 4th at our new venue, the Hub, Ashmore Park. There was a good turnout and the staff were very helpful.

We had a good discussion about the christmas meal, and a raffle to raise funds. The raffle will be a feature at future meetings! The AGM followed and the present incumbents were reelected to their respective positions.Forgot the photos again, sorry!!

The meeting on June 5th was lively !  

Keith Banks, Chairman, introduced new members, and set out the agenda for the afternoon. Unfortunately the scheduled speaker was unable to attend , so

we were introduced to to 2 new neurological nurses, Carol and Bea and a new care navigator,Stephanie,   who gave us a quick resume of their career to date.

Finances were discussed and a need to raise funds was recognised. A proposal re a lottery , raised by Colon Jones, was discussed. Further discussion to take place, but in the meantime a raffle would be organised.

The Christmas lunch was confirmed as December 13th at the Pavilion and entertainment would be sought. Price this year will be £25 for members, £30 for visitors.

On Sunday the annual Walk in the Park to raise awareness of bladder cancer was held at West Park and was attended by a happy bunch of supporters with balloons and bubbles. We have a few photos of them and thank them for their efforts.



Our meeting on April 3rd was excellent! We had a late change of venue, but the sterling efforts of Chairman, Keith Banks, ably abetted by Nicki and Sylvia, made sure members were steered to the alternative location at the Ashmore Hub. 

The room was smaller than normal but the layout made for a more communal feeling and about 30 members enjoyed the new environment and the tea and coffee laid on. Mr Mak gave an interesting talk on Intravesical Therapies and engaged really well with his audience, who asked a lot of questions!  

It was new Chairman, Keith Banks' , first meeting and everything went smoothly.

New members were welcomed and the committee introduced themselves.

The finance report was presented and a general chat about the group's role took place.

Discussions took place on proposed social events for 2023, and it was decided that we would focus on our Christmas lunch this year as time was too short to organise a summer dance.

Nicki Teruel was thanked for attending on her day off!

As the meeting ended , it was pleasing to see many members chatting amongst themselves and generally showing what the group is all about. A really good meeting all round!

Again , we forgot the photos!

Subsequently, member Gary Edge volunteered to serve on the committee and we thank him and look forward to working with him.

The first meeting of 2023 went well, although the turnout was a little smaller than usual, probably due to the late issue of the group newsletter.Nevertheless we were informed and entertained by Melanie Costin from Fight Bladder Cancer, who took us through her experiences and then told us of the excellent services provided by her enjoyable and informative afternoon. A couple of pictures .

The Christmas lunch at the Pavilion was very enjoyable!

40 members attended and we were entertained with songs and humour by the New Black Country Boys. As ever the food and the company was excellent!

As usual we have a few photos to prove it!


IMG_9186 2

 The last meeting of 2022,on November 21st, was well attended, despite the shocking weather. Well done to all who braved the conditions.

Dr Richard Bryan gave a very interesting talk about research into bladder cancer and took questions later. A very informative and entertaining speaker.

The Urology Nurses have been busy! Some took on the 3 peaks challenge for a urological charity recently so follow this link to read all about it.

Well,done them!


Our  meeting on September 26th  was well attended despite the late change of date. Jenny gave us a good overview on bladder cancer and we then held the Annual General Meeting , delayed by a year due to Covid issues.

The meeting recognised the resignation of Peter Spencer as Chairman, and thanked him for his service. No new nominations were received and so the meeting agreed that we continue as a committee for the time being whilst a replacement was sought. Subsequently Keith Banks, a committee member for many years, agreed to to take up the role. Welcome Keith!

Caring for the Sexual Health and Wellbeing of Cancer Surbvivors and their Intimate Partners.

Cancer and its treatment can affect sexual health and wellbeing in lots of ways, and it can lead to physical, psychological and interpersonal sexual difficulties.

Bournemouth University researchers want to learn more about the care that the hospital cancer team give for sexual health and wellbeing. Do you want to tell them about your experiences and preferences for the care of your sexual health and wellbeing?To find out more and take part in their anonymous online survey then click on the link below. The survey takes 15-30 minutes but if you have a lot to tell them then it might take longer than 30 minutes.They want to hear from people who have had cancer and also the partners of people who have had cancer. They also want to hear from single people who have had cancer.Take part between 23rd August and 30th September 2022.Click on this link or if clicking does not work then copy and paste into your browser.

Congratulations to Jenny Akins!!!


She has just received the Silver award from the British Journal of Nursing for Urology Nurse of the year.

Jenny is one of the Specialist Nurse Practitioners who were instrumental in setting up this bladder cancer support group and has always shown commitment and dedication to her patients.This award is well deserved!