Meeting Dates


Group Meetings 2023

To be held  at 

   St Alban's Church,

Griffiths Drive

Wolverhampton,WV11 2LJ

        Feb 6th                         Fight Bladder Cancer

        April 3rd                       Bladder Cancer- Intravesical therapies

                                     Mr. Mak. Consultant Neurological Surgeon

        June 5th                        Benefits and Support for Cancer Patients

                                     Compton Care-Emma Khumalo Staff Nurse

        Sept 4th.                        Neobladder Surgery

                                    Mr. Cooke- Consultant Urological Surgeon

  ( Followed by AGM)

        Nov 20th.                      Open Forum Q and A 

                           Jenny Akins and Helen Heap-Urology Nurse practitioners