Meeting Dates

Wolverhampton Bladder Cancer Support Group


At a recent committee meeting it was agreed that meetings be postponed until 2021.

The  2021 Newsletter will contain details of meeting dates for next year, when agreed.


Group Meetings 2020

To be held  at 

   St Alban's Church,

Griffiths Drive

Wolverhampton,WV11 2LJ

    10th     February                            Benefits for Cancer Patients

Satinder Rhandawa-MacMillan


Andrew Bagnall-Compton Care




   30th      March                                    CANCELLED


   8th       June                                        Research in Bladder Cancer

Rik Bryan- Academic Urologist



   21st      September                             Overview of Bladder Cancer

Mr. Taylor-Consultant Urological Surgeon


            Followed by Annual General Meeting

    23rd    November                              Open Forum and Questions      

         Jenny Akins and Helen Heap        

Urology Nurse Practitioners