John's Story

John's Story

It was a pleasant Tuesday morning in late May 2011, and I was looking forward to a game of golf. Because of the distance , I always visit the loo before starting out. Well, I did notice some sort of brown sediment but thought it was something I had eaten.

So ,off to golf I go, halfway round the golf course I need to have a wee, this time it is red and obviously not right.

When I got home I told the wife, and we decided to visit a walk-in centre. The Doctor took a sample, then directed me to my own GP, who referred me to New Cross.

I was not expecting what happened next, a camera was inserted,(not very pleasant), and I was on TV! What I saw was devastating, I knew at once it was cancer, but said nothing. As the wife and I went through for the verdict I whispered to her, it's cancer! This was quickly confirmed, but in a very kind and caring way, the nurse explained everything and somehow I felt relieved. I would be having an operation as soon as possible, which scared me a little.

At this time I realised my wife was as frightened as me!! So we had a good discussion and agreed we would tell only immediate family, however it soon became obvious she was telling friends and neighbours. I believe this was helping her to cope, so it was OK. We tend to forget how our partners can be affected. We had been married  57 yearsand would be lost if we were suddenly alone.

I was keen to get the operation over, so when I had a call to say there had been a cancellation I jumped at the chance.It was now the first week in June, my operation complete, it was now time for 6 weeks treatment. The efficiency of appointments, the caring attitude, and the skill of the nurses was marvellous, however there was one unfortunate occurrence. My designated Nurse was Helen Heap, but before my treatment started, Helen broke her ankle,and she was never able to give me my treatment. The upside for me was I had a different Nurse every week for 6 weeks!

My operation was a success, my treatments, so far, a success and I now have check ups every 6 months.

People are surprised when I say I was lucky! Well, I think I was. Early diagnosis, quick operation, prompt treatment and clear for nearly 3 years. THAT"S LUCKY.


At a recent committee meeting it was agreed that meetings be postponed until 2021.

The  2021 Newsletter will contain details of meeting dates for next year, when agreed.