Brian R's Story.


Brian R's Story.


Being positive.

After being told that I had invasive bladder cancer and what my options were, I started a long process which at the time seemed endless. Your mine goes into overdrive of not knowing what was happening to your body.

Lots of tests, CT scans, MRI scans to find out if it had travelled elsewhere before any decisions or options of treatment could be given. I was referred to a surgeon at Wolverhampton, Mr Cooke, who performed robotic surgery. He was very reassuring and confident of what my options were and the implications of my choice of surgery. I wanted it all removed, bladder, prostate and lymph nodes. I do not regret the decision but it should be given a lot of thought.

Chemotherapy for starters, (what a start!) , four months. You have to feel positive towards this treatment  but I was kept informed monthly that it was working which was a big incentive. While having this treatment a piece of music came on the radio which brought the reality home at the time.(All the lonely people, where do they all come from,) Beatles. So many people, so many lives changed but all with that will to live. Deep down it does make you bitter and you go through the “why me “stage, but let’s be positive.

Then along came the op and I woke up to no pain, nothing, which was very strange but quickly realised my change of life was about to begin. Let’s get on with it was my approach to all this, (Stoma as well,) and a steady build up began.

You learn to adapt very quickly, you have to, , there’s lots of help out there, use it. Hospital staff, Stoma nurses and ex patients all only a phone call away. But most of all there’s your wife. She has lived this as well which people tend to forget, she sees it daily, you are not alone.

You can only look forward and be very positive yourself. I feel very good now and live my life. I am there to talk to anytime freely about anything to the best of my experience.

Brian Rayner


At a recent committee meeting it was agreed that meetings be postponed until 2021.

The  2021 Newsletter will contain details of meeting dates for next year, when agreed.